Teacher Training

Simply Power Yoga Teacher Training Program Testimonials

"The teacher training pogram through Simply Power Yoga was truly transformative.  It was a learning experience unlike anything I’ve ever done because the growth and the successes along the way had to come from a place of authenticity.  I was still grieving the unexpected loss of a sibling, and was in need of something real.  Thanks to amazing program facilitators Heidi and Juli, and the beautiful people who trained alongside me, I grew more in two weeks than I did in two years, and the growth continues as I focus on quality and awareness." Meg Beerse

"Life Changing, Positive, & Empowering are the first three words that come to mind when thinking about my teacher training program at Simply Power Yoga. I was new to the yoga world, and was immediately embraced with nothing but positive energy from day one.  The teacher training was life changing in that it really caused me to look at who I really am, which has allowed me to be the best person I can be each and every day.  SPY teacher training was the most empowering experience I have ever had in my life, and I am truly honored to have been part of such an amazingly powerful experience" Kary Emery 

"I thank my lucky stars that I stumbled upon this amazing yoga school.  I had such s positive experience as a student that I felt confident that this was the place to take the step of committing to 200 hour teacher training.  The training exceeded my expectations in every way.  Heidi's knowledge, insight, and genuine investment in each and every student in training was obvious from day one.  This training was one full of experiences, rather than a simple passing of information.  I believe that this program not only left me feeling prepared to guide students in a yoga class, but it helped me to better understand myself and my motivation to teach, empowered me in other areas of my life, and built friendships that I will forever treasure.  If you are looking for a meaningful, thorough yoga teacher training program, look no further.  This is an eye opening, life changing experience."  Kara Yuskewich

"The Teacher Training program at SPY is a challenging and  incredibly rewarding experience.  Beginning the program, my full expectation was that I would learn to lead a yoga class.  I did indeed learn to lead a yoga class but more importantly along the way I learned more about my strengths, my weaknesses, gained confidence in myself and got a clearer vision of how I want to move forward with my life."  Juli Heemer

"The first time I took a class at Simply Power Yoga, I was immediately drawn to the physical practice, but there was so much more, the leaders of each class I attended created an atmosphere that integrated your mind, body and spirit. The complement brought a sense of awareness to a transformation that was happening within my foundation.....I found acceptance, strength as well as peace. A year later I found myself in the teaching in training program for two reasons, the first was wanting to understand my practice on a deeper level , the second was a calling to share the transformative experience with others . Simply Power Yoga is a very special community that embraces each student exactly where they are at along their personal yoga journey, without judgement, but with an engaging authentic practice connecting each of us by honoring the the light within us all."Chrissy Fixler

 "I remember when applications were first being accepted and Juli asked if I had considered teacher training and I just automatically shook my head and laughed, there was no way I was good enough to go through the program. Too young, too beginner, too busy, etc.. and then I remember the night before the application deadline something hit me and applying to the program just felt right. So I applied right there, not knowing what the heck I was getting myself into. Without a doubt, it is the best decision and investment I have ever made. I feel like I was given this amazing advantage over all the other teenagers where I actually know, and can confidently use my own voice. It's not just about growing the skills to teach a yoga class, it's about accepting your authentic self and building everything you do from that foundation. Teaching yoga is just one of the many things i've been able to do successfully because of the program, it gave me tools that I can't imagine my life without."Mackenzie Johnson

 "When I first decided to enter the teacher training program during my sophomore year in highschool, my expectations of what the program had to offer were slim. I remember thinkning that I could go through the training program and learn the physical practice and become a “better yogi,” but I had no idea what the program really had to offer. The program did help me understand the physical practice, but even more so, I was able to uncover my true self. I became a more authentic, messy, and vulnerable person by having that experience. The training does not solely teach you how to be a yoga instructor, but offers skillsets and tools to help get comfortable in an uncomfortable situations. The lessons I learned from training are applied to nearly every situation I face in life. Whether it may be school, family, or friends, truly being able to understand yoga in its rawest form has made me a stronger and more capable person on and off the mat."  Anna Davis

 "Going Through Teacher Training as a highschool student has taught me strength in every aspect of my life. The strength was created on and off my mat. At such a young age, I discovered more about myself than what I even knew was there. Teacher Training brought mindfulness to my every day lifestyle. It truly impacted me and planted the seed for me to grow into the best individual that I can be." Paige Dewitt

"Going through teacher training in highschool has left me more prepared for college and my adult life. Learning how to teach created independence and leadership. I discovered strengths and weaknesses about myself that led me to an overall more confident individual with great skills that help me have a healthier life." Sophie Greensburg

"Yoga put a crack in the shell that I had enclosed around my true self; teacher training gave me the courage to completely break-through.  Teacher training also gave me the courage and the know-how to continue to explore my thoughts, my practice, and my life with curiosity. " Charity Moeller

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