Teacher Training

Yoga For Athletics

In this training learn how to support athletes with yoga, meditation, breath practices and relaxation techniques.  As a facilitator, it is important to understand how yoga complements mental and physical training of athletes. Through yoga postures, meditation, breath practices and relaxation techniques you will gain skills to support all levels of athletes from youth to adults. 

You will learn how to facilitate and teach

  • poses to increase stability, balance, range of motion and flexibility, especially in the hips.
  • techniques to enhance physical and mental endurance for athletes, while lowering recovery time and risk of injury
  • sport-specific core strength
  • ways to incorporate yoga's approach to mind-body integration in both training and competition. 

Yoga For Athletes
Facilitator: Heidi Fricke
Date: 2022 TBA
Saturday 12:00-5:00pm; Sunday 12:00-5:00pm

Cost $199