Teacher Training

The Art of Sequencing &Transitioning CEU Course

Facilitator: Juli Heemer & Annette Richey
Location: SPY North
Date: February 23-24th, 2019
Time: Saturday 12-6:00 & Sunday 12-5:30
Cost: $150
CEUs: 12 for 200 RYT

Module Description:

  • Learn how to create a powerful flow that is creative, fun and purposeful.  The focus will be sequences for heart openers, hip openers and accessing the enery systems (chakras) of the body.
  • Learn how to sequence a class to make the whole body feel complete through integration, awareness and breath.   Understand movement, expansion and extension in each sequence without losing the integrity of the body.
  • Understand safe transitions which will link each sequence together to make the flow powerful, fun and purposeful. Understand the why behind what you are creating. 

NORTH (LOVELAND): 513.583.1700