Teacher Training

Sequencing & Transitioning for Functional Movement

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Facilitator: Juli Heemer & Annette Richey
Location: SPY Cincinnati
Date: October 22-23rd, 2022
Time: Saturday & Sunday 12:00-5:00
Cost: $199
CEUs: 10 

The Functional Approach to Yoga is based on how a posture feels in someone's unique body versus the aesthetics of how the posture looks.  Everyone's body has a unique way of moving based on their bones, muscles, organs, glands as well as how the mind perceives the practice.  Functional Movement is how all the systems of the body work as one without judgment.  When the layers of the body are integrated in a safe and efficient way an individual's body can move with freedom. This training will utilize the skills you have discovered through teaching and your own practice to support students to reach their physical potential in every posture and sequence. Sequencing and transitioning is an art. You will learn how to apply functional anatomy and movement to sequence a class to make the whole body feel complete. 

  • You will break down functional movement, target areas of each posture and and how the body moves within each posture. 
  • You will learn intentional and safe transitions so the your students can flow from one pose to the next.
  • You will understand the why behind what you are creating so your flow can be powerful, fun and purposeful.