Teacher Training

Upcoming CEU Programs

Subtle Body and Reiki Level 1 Training - 10 CEUS
May 4-5th 2019,Saturday 12:30-6:30pm; Sunday 12:00-5:30pm

Yin As Medicine and Restorative Yoga - 10 CEUs
July 27-28th, Saturday 12:30-5:30pm; Sunday 11:30-5:30pm

Advanced Assisting and Essential Cueing - 10 CEUs
August 24-25th 2019, Saturday 12:30-6:30pm; Sunday 12:00-5:30pm

Trauma Sensitive: Clarify & Facilitate 1 - 30 CEUs
October 4-6th 2019, Friday 6:30-9:00; Saturday 12:30-6:00pm; Sunday 11:30-5:30pm

Trauma Sensitive Course: Facilitate 2 - 20 CEUs
November 16-17th 2019, Saturday 12:30-5:30pm; Sunday 12:30-5:30pm

Yoga Immersion and Community Gathering Nemcolin Woodlands Resort & Spa - 20 CEUs
Friday January 17th-January 19th; Immersion Begins 8:00am Friday end 11:00am Sunday