Teacher Training

Baptiste Assisting Course – Guest Facilitator

Location: SPY North
Facilitator: Baptiste Faculty Member
Date: February 8-9th, 2020
Cost: $387

This two-day intensive program will give you access to the foundational methods for successfully assisting each pose of a Baptiste Power Yoga based class. Upon completion of this program, you will know what to look for in each pose to best serve your students.

This program is not intended for you to memorize every assist explored during our two days together. Instead, we will focus on training you to observe your own body and your students’ bodies so you can notice where True North Alignment is missing. You will take responsibility for listening deeply to each individual, sharing the appropriate tool at the appropriate time, adding the proper intensity in the safest ways possible.

In this program you will:


  • Participate in a Baptiste Power Yoga Journey Into Power class.
  • Assist a Baptiste Power Yoga Journey Into Power practice.
  • Explore the 5 Organizing Principles of True North Alignment, as they relate to assisting.
  • Learn assists for every pose in the Journey Into Power sequence.
  • Discuss key components of the methodology including:
    • 3 Types of Assists
    • 3 Types of Touch
    • 7 Actions of Artful Assisting
    • Art & Mastery of Baptiste Yoga