Teacher Training

ANATOMY 101 & 102 

Facilitator: TBA
Location: SPY North
Date:  2020 TBA
Cost: $125

Module Description

Anatomy 101: Bones, Muscles & Movement

This module is about understanding our physical bodies on a more dynamic level, by understanding more clearly what makes up the body via bones & muscles and what their related movements are. Through hands-on learning, discussion and group work the following key elements will be covered:

  • The body's framework (the bones)
  • What moves the framework (the muscles)
  • What those movements look like (yoga, sitting all day, standing at work, etc.) 
  • Emphasis and Break down of Shoulder/Pelvis Girdle, The Spine and Feet.

Practice clothes, journal and pen required 

Anatomy 102: Moving with Our Bodies: Connective Tissue and Facial Trains of the Body

This module is about moving our bodies and taking a look at what and how our bodies are able to do just that, MOVE. You will leave with a new way of looking at your own bodies and more importantly how to understand and regard yours as a contextual, fascinating thing. For instance instead of just saying "my foot hurts" we want to ask "How? Where? When? In what state? Moving? While in Extension? Flexion? What's going on above your foot and your toes?"

Through hands on learning, discussion and group work you will gain a clear understanding of the connective tissues and facial trains of the body.  We will do this via yoga postures, seated postures and other common postural forms the body my take, in order to explore, and understand just what the body takes to get us through each day. 

Practice clothes, journal and pen required 


Session open to public
CEUs 10