Teacher Training



2019 Dates

Module 10 - Advanced Assisting and Essential Cueing
August 24-25th 2019
Module 11 - Yin As Medicine and Restorative Training
July 28-29th 2019
Module 12 - Graduation
September 14-15th 2019

2019-2020 Dates

Module 1A- Trauma Sensitive: Clarify & Facilitate
October 4-6th 2019

Module 1B - Trauma Sensitive Course: Facilitate 2 
November 16-17th 2019

Module 2 - Advanced Philosophy
November 2-3rd 2019

Module 3 - Anatomy 1 & 2 
December 7-8th 2019

Module 4 - Creating Community 
January 17-19th 2020

Module 5A - Leadership and Facilitation 
January 25-26th 2020

Module 5B - Organizing Principles and Program Facilitation (prerequisite 5A Leadership and Facilitation)
April 25-26th 2020

Module 6 - Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga
February 22-23rd 2020

Module 7 - Baptiste Assisting Course
February8-9th 2020

Module 8 - The Art of Sequencing and Transitioning 
March 7-8th 2020

Module 9 - Meditation and Pranayama 
April 4-5th 2020

Module 10 - Subtle Body Anatomy and Wellness
August 22-23rd, 2020

Module 11 - Graduation
September 2020 TBD

Saturday 12:30-5:30pm; Sunday 12:30-5:30pm
Weekend Immersion: Begins at 8:00am Friday January 18th and ends Sunday January 20th 11:30am 

One Year Completion: Investment for 300 RYT beginning October 2019-September 2020

Program Price $3,650 for All Inclusive (one year completion)

  • Program Deposit:  $1,250 required within 30 days of acceptance. 
  • Trauma Sensitive Training: $300, due September 15th 
  • Baptiste Assisting Course: $387, due January 15th
  • Community Immersion: $500-$650 November 1st, 2019(depending on lodging)
  • 8 Program Modules: $125 (due 1st of month of training weekend)

Two Year Completion: Investment for Customized Program 300 RYT 

Program Price is determined by programs selected  

Required for all 300 RYT Programs:

  • Program Deposit: $1,250 required within 30 days of acceptance 
  • Three Day Community Immersion: $500-$650 due November 1st, 2019 (depending on lodging)

Customized program can be a combination of any of the following trainings/courses. 

  • 25 Hour Trauma Sensitive Training: $300, due September 15th
  • Weekend modules (10 Hours/module): $125 (due 1st month of training weekend)
  • 100 Hour Yin and Restorative Teacher Training Program: $900
  • 50 Hour Community Outreach Teacher Training Program: $450
  • 15 Hour Prison Yoga Project: $375, due August 15th

The next level 300 hour teaching intensive will give you tools to put your yoga into action. This program is about discovering how to live every day with intention through your leading, teaching, practicing, listening and speaking.  Through advanced training and facilitation techniques you will gain skills to serve others both on and off the mat. 

  • The Art of Leadership and Facilitatiion
  • Uncovering the Intention of the yoga practice
  • Development and Facilitation of Programs:  Knowledge and wisdom to create special classes, day programs, workshops and Continuing Education Programs for all populations within the community.
  • Advanced Anatomy: including physical anatomy, bio-mechanics, and energetic anatomy.
  • Yoga Sequences and Intentions: including but not limited to yin, restorative, power flow, vinyasa flow, gentle and prenatal which are safe and effective for all levels.
  • Meditation and Pranayama: Pranayama and various forms of meditation 
  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga: Working with special populations to help develop safe and effective classes.
  • Advanced Assisting Techniques for deepening postures and inversions
  • Advanced Yoga Philosophy and History: Studying and discussing the holy books of yoga and other beliefe systems to better understand yoga as a whole. 
  • Yin and Restorative Yoga Training

How the program works:

One Year Completion:
The 300 Hour Program can be taken in one year with all weekend modules completed within that time, consectively.The 300 hour program is broken into 11 in house weekends modules plus weekend immersion. If you are unable to attend one of the modules during your 12 month commitment, you are able to make-up the weekend during the next program offered. 

Customized Program:
You can customize program to further develop your passion and/or to meet your lifestyle needs. Training can include any of the weekend modules and specialty training programs including: Yin and Restorative 100 Hour Training, 50 Hour Community Outreach Training Program, Prison Yoga Project. This program must be completed in two years. 


This program is for anyone who has successfully completed a 200 RYT Program.  The program is by acceptance only. Upon successful completion of the 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program, graduates will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-500 level.

*Certification will not be given until program is paid in full, program hours and course work are complete.  

Program Topics


Module 1A & 1B: Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training

Facilitator:  Becky Morrissey, LPCC-S, LICDC-CS, ERYT500
Location: SPY North
Required Reading:

  •  Mary NurrieStearns, Yoga for Emotional Trauma 
  • David Emerson’s Overcoming Trauma with Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Yoga: Bringing the Body into Treatment 

Dates for 2018:

  • Course 1: Clarify & Facilitate 1- October 4th-5th, 2019
  • Course 2, Part B: Facilitate 2 - November 17-18th, 2020

Becky Morrissey is a yoga therapist and licensed mental health and addictions clinician. This course is a training experience focused on working with and creating trauma-sensitive yoga practices. Join Becky for an engaging, accessible, theoretically grounded teaching and practice skill series, for the safe and effective use of yoga to heal from Trauma.

What is trauma sensitive yoga? TSY is body oriented and spiritually nourishing. It is instructive and emphasizes choices. TSY provides structure to help foster our internal sense of safety, personal agency and choice in cultivating our capacity for self-awareness and self-regulation.

This 50 hour yoga therapy training has two courses which is held over three weekend trainings. 

Course 1: Clarify & Facilitate 1

In order to be of help to others, understanding our own experiences as preparation and base for compassionate insight will be the focus of this course. Practical, applicable skills will also be used to begin the journey of healing for ourselves and others. Community will be created to support individual growth and practice on and off the mat during and between courses.

Course II: Facilitate 2

This part of the course will provide a detailed framework for conceptualizing why and implementing how to incorporate trauma-sensitive yoga into teaching practices

 Session open to public, must be 200RYT 
25 CEUs

Module 2 - Advanced Yoga Philosophy and History

Facilitator: Herman Ranpuria & Dennis Fox
Location: SPY North
Date: November 2-3rd, 2019

Required Reading: 

  • The Bhagavad Gita Paperback 2007 by Eknath Easwaran
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Paperback by Sri Swami Satchidananda 
  • Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga's Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele
  • The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom
    Book by Don Miguel Ruiz

Module Description:

A two page paper has to be written on each of the required readings prior to the start of the weekend. 

Develop a well-rounded knowledge of yoga philosophy, ethics, history and lifestyle practices. Learn how yoga can make everyone's life better, regardless of age or condition. Program hours will include written essays and comparisons on the required readings. Open discussions will include real life conversations relating to the history and philosophy of yogic traditions and beliefs. 

Module 3 - 
Anatomy 101: Muscles, Bones & Movement
Anatomy 102: Moving with our Bodies

Facilitators: Bridget Henson and Juli Heemer
Location: SPY North
December 7-8th 2019 

Recommended Reading:

  • Functional Anatomy

Module Description

Anatomy 101: Muscles, Bones & Movement

This module is about understanding our physical bodies on a more dynamic level, by understanding more clearly what makes up the body via bones & muscles and what their related movements are. Through hands-on learning, discussion and group work the following key elements will be covered:

  • The body's framework (the bones)
  • What moves the framework (the muscles)
  • What those movements look like (yoga, sitting all day, standing at work, etc.) 
  • Emphasis and Break down of Shoulder/Pelvis Girdle, The Spine and Feet.

Practice clothes, journal and pen required 

Anatomy 102: Moving with Our Bodies: Connective Tissue and Facial Trains of the Body

This module is about moving our bodies and taking a look at what and how our bodies are able to do just that, MOVE. You will leave with a new way of looking at your own bodies and more importantly how to understand and regard yours as a contextual, fascinating thing. For instance instead of just saying "my foot hurts" we want to ask "How? Where? When? In what state? Moving? While in Extension? Flexion? What's going on above your foot and your toes?"

Through hands on learning, discussion and group work you will gain a clear understanding of the connective tissues and facial trains of the body.  We will do this via yoga postures, seated postures and other common postural forms the body my take, in order to explore, and understand just what the body takes to get us through each day. 

Practice clothes, journal and pen required 

Session open to public
CEUs 10

Module 4 - Creating Community

Facilitator: Heidi Fricke and Team of Simply Power Yoga
Location: Nemacolin Woodlands Yoga Retreat
Dates: January 17th- 19th 2020

Module Description:

You will participate in Simply Power Yoga's Retreat with other members of the community developing new relationships through yoga, meditation and conversation. This is the heart and soul of the yoga practice your willingness to be with others and support their journey. Everyone has somewhere in their life they need to begin again. 

Session open to public. CEU Credits are available for 200 RYT

Module 5A - Leadership and Facilitation

  • The Art of Leadership 
  • The Art of Facilitation
  • Mastery of Methodology and Organizing Principles of the Physical Body

Facilitator: Heidi Fricke; Co-facilitator Annette Richey
Location: SPY North
January 25-26th, 2020

Module Description:

  • You will learn the tools needed to transition from a classroom teachers into a Leader who is willing to put themselves in the world of others through yoga and meditation. 
  • This weekend is about going behind the physical flow and understanding the intention of the methodology which has been developed to create yoga sequences and the why behind what makes a flow accessible to all levels. 


Module 5B - Organizing Principles and Program Facilitation

Facilitator: Heidi Fricke
Location: SPY North
Date: April 25-26th, 2020

Module 6 - Baptiste Assisting Course

Location: SPY North
Facilitator: Baptiste Faculty Member
Date: February 8-9th, 2020

Session Open to Public

Module 7 - The Art of Sequencing &Transitioning

Facilitator: Juli Heemer and Annette Richey
Location: SPY North
Date: March 7-8th 2020 

Module Description:

  • Learn how to create a powerful flow that is intentional based on the foundation of simple yoga postures.  Learn how to sequence a class to make the whole body feel complete through integration, awareness and breath.   
  • Understand alignment based postures and sequences that move the body forward
  • Understand safe transitions which will link each sequence together to make the flow powerful, fun and purposeful. Understand the why behind what you are creating. 
  • Understand how to sequence classes for multi-dimensional populations. Trainings will be held on pre/post natal classes, senior citizens, at risk youth, gentle yoga, therapeutics and modified bodies. 

Session open to public
CEUs 10

Module 8 - Meditation and Prayamana 

Facilitator: Dennis Fox and Kelly Ross
Location: SPY North
April 4-5th, 2020

Meditation & Pranayama will combine both practices throughout the weekend with each practice enhancing the exploration of the other practice. Meditation will explore different techniques to find focus and presence. Techniques will include guided mediation, breath-focused mediation, silent mediation, and a walking meditation. Our exploration of mediation will include breathing techniques from the pranayama program.

Pranayama will cover breathing anatomy and physiology, breathing practices and techniques, a breath-focused restorative practice, and a breath-focused exploration through movement of a teacher-led yoga practice. The promise of this weekend is teachers will have experience leading meditation practices and will have the knowledge to lead students in a breath-focused yoga practice.


Module 9 - The Subtle Body and Wellness

Facilitator: Heidi Fricke and Bridget Henson
Location: SPY Central
Dates: August 22-23rd, 2020

Anatomy 103: The Subtle Body and Emotional Wellness

  • Understand the major nervous systems of the body and how they relate to the emotional body
  • Defining and breaking down the Chakras
  • Anatomy of Subtle Body


Module 10 - Yin as Medicine and Restorative Yoga

Restorative Training: 
Becky Morrissey - 
Saturday July 27th, 2019 12:30-5:30pm
Linda Furlong - February 22nd, 2020

Yin as Medicine:
Bridget Henson - Sunday July 28th, 2019 11:30-5:30pm
Bridget Henson - February 23rd, 2020


Open to Public:
CEUs 11

Module 11: Advanced Assisting and Cueing

Facilitator: Heidi Fricke; Co-Facilitator Kelly Ross
Location: SPY North
Date:  August 24-25th 2019; February 2020 TBA

This course is broken down into two segments that will take your teaching and awareness of physical body to the next level. The course is designed to give you tools to use both your words and your hands to guide a students body. 

Day 1 - Guiding with Words: Will focus on the spacial elements of the body in relation to physical cues in support of the physical alignment of the students body. 

Day 2 - Guiding without Words: Will take you beyond the directional and supportative hands on assists of standing and seated postures. Not only will you learn how to guide students to deepen their physical practice, you will also gain a deeper knowledge of your own physical body.  

In this course you will learn:

  • Essential cues techniques and tools in relation to the spacial elements of the physical body
  • To deepen a student's body in basic and advanced postures with hands on assists 
  • Review of pelvis and shoulder integration
  • Safe and effective assists for deepening twists and binds in both standing and seated postures
  • Tools to assist heart opener postures 
  • Tools to assist inversions
  • Theraputic and deepening assists for lower back, hips  and hamstrings

Session open to public
CEUs 10

Module 12 - You as a Servant Leader

Facilitator: Heidi Fricke
Location: SPY North
September 14-15th 2019
September 2020 TBA

Module Description:

  • Real time application of yoga practice and principles
  • Presentation of Created Program
  • What is a Servant Leader