Teacher Training

Embodied Breath Immersion

Facilitator: Becky Morrissey
Location: SPY North
Date: January 21st - May 6th 2018
Who can attend: Training is open to everyone. 

How the course works?
Students have the ability to participate in the full program or individual sessions. The full program includes individual sessions, in-house weekend immersion, weekly conference calls. 

Certification Offered
Students will receive a certificate reflecting their individual hours of participation in the Pranayama Course (contact and non-contact hours). Students can register these hours with Yoga Alliance as Training Hours (CEUS) can receive up to 60 CEUs

Required Texts: Pranayama: A Compendium of Practices by Linda Oshins (only available through Yoga On High, Columbus, Ohio) Ordering instructions: Email Becky maitriyoga@roadrunner.com Cost: $40 plus shipping
Recommended Texts: Anatomy of Breathing by Blandine Calais-Germain; The Healing Power of the Breath by Dr. Richard Brown, MD & Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, MD

The Pranayama Immersion is an opportunity to establish a personal, daily 10-20 minute pranayama practice. Between in-person class sessions at Simply Power Yoga, as well as weekly teleclasses (50-60 minutes) at home, students will be exploring the pranayama practices. Support for your integration of pranayama into daily life practice will be provided by the manual*, class audio recordings, and by weekly email. As a student, a daily intention to practice is essential. Completion of the Pranayama Immersion will be celebrated via a certificate for the number of hours completed (up to 60 hours CEUS with Yoga Alliance; continuing education hours with IAYT and ISMETA, pending.)

Course Objectives:

  1. Experience the embodiment of pranayama, a yogic relationship with time, space, breath, and body.
  2. Develop a personal relationship with pranayama practices as a singular yoga experience, with a variety of tools and skills for inquiry. The course is immersed in information from various traditional Yoga sources as well as therapeutically researched, evidence-based practices supporting our approaches.
  3. Understand breath as an energetic experience, intrapersonal and interpersonal, offering possibilities and choices for present moment, dimensional consciousness.
  4.  Explore the embodied anatomy and embryological origins of “breath making” and “breath being”.
  5. Gather multifaceted teaching approaches to offer individuals, yoga classes, or “breath” classes to our community.

Full Program Cost: $550
Includes all workshops, in-house weekend immersions, weekly teleclasses beginning week of January 22, 2018. There will be at least 2 class times to choose from, one on the weekend and 1 or 2 classes during the week (evenings and one afternoon option)

Individual Sessions and Pricing:

Pranayama Workshop 1: Embodied Practice Basics & Guidelines for Practicing Pranayama.
Exploring the body’s breath anatomy and rhythms, we begin our study of yoga pranayama practices. Join us to know the breath from the lens of somatic, embodied anatomy and embryological studies. 

Date: Sunday January 21, 2018
Time: 12:30-3:00 pm 
Cost for Individual Session: $45     

Pranayama Workshop 2: Developmental Sequencing for Personal & Teaching Practice 1
The process of breathing began on a cellular level: a vibration which evolved into the lung breath we know today. But Vibration has never left us. When we sequence pranayama practices as breath developed in our bodies, from vibration to lobe breathing, we have the potential to co-create and deeply repattern via the empowerment of pranayama. Join us to learn more for personal and teaching pranayama practices. 

Date: Tuesday February 27, 2018  
Time: 7:30-9:00 pm
Cost for Individual Session: $35

Pranayama Workshop 3: Developmental Sequencing for Breath Therapeutics Practice
Teaching pranayama practices from simple to complex, we will exploring lesson sequencing for all practitioners.  

Date: Saturday March 17th, 2018  
Time: 12:30-3:00 pm  
Cost Individual Session Price: $45

April Spring Breath Immersion: Repatterning & Embodying the Power of the Breath
Are you curious about how breath can be re-patterned therapeutically? As breath is the undersupport for all movement, this aspect of yoga therapeutics and repatterning is elemental in providing and practicing yoga therapy modalities and asana classes. Join us for a weekend of Breath Therapeutics via the lens of embodiment and the transformative power of pranayama. 

Date: Saturday & Sunday April 28th-29th, 2018  
Time: 12:30-3:00pm both days  
Cost for Weekend Immersion: $90

Graduation Weekend - People attending full Immersion 

Date: Sunday May 6th
Time: 12:30-3:00pm


NORTH (LOVELAND): 513.583.1700