Workshops & Events

Upper Body Myofascial Workshop

Feb 1, 2020
upper body mfr
Date: Saturday February 1st
Time: 1:30pm - 3pm
Cost: $35

Join Bridget for this informational and hopefully fun afternoon as we break down all upper body myofascial options. Bridget is certified 60hrs of MFR w/ Yoga Medicine and finds that this work can be beneficial for all kinds of reasons including pain, flexibility, general comfort and body awareness. With a full 90-minutes of care from the navel up we will be able to take our time and answer any questions you may have on proper rolling techniques and modifications you may need. 
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  • Intro To Thai Yoga Therapy

    Feb 7, 2020
    thai yoga

    Intro To Thai Yoga Therapy
    Date: Friday February 7th
    Time: 5:30pm-8pm
    Cost: $35 per individual (or $50 per pair!)

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    Join Joey Diehl, yogi, martial artist, Thai yoga therapist and friend from Yoga Medicine.

    This workshop will be for anyone and everyone interested in the benefits of this practice. Not sure what this practice is? What a perfect opportunity to get to.

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  • Arm Balance PlayShop

    Feb 8, 2020
    arm balance

    Date: Saturday February 8th
    Time: 12 - 1:3pm
    Cost: $35

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    Join Joey Diehl for this playful, informative workshop on how to navigate in and out of arm balances. Learn the ones that work for you and possibly don't. Learn how to create strength and power within your self via thoughtful queuing, active participation and props!

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  • Arm Balance Flow (90-min practice)

    Feb 8, 2020
    arm balance

    Date: Saturday February 8th
    Time: 2:30pm - 4pm
    Cost: $35 (special pricing for entire weekend of activities!)

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    Join Joey Diehl for this 90-minute flow, where he will incorporate arm balancing, strength work and over all vitality into your practice.

    Show up for the Playshop prior (12-1:3pm) to have a better understanding of navigating some of these poses or come as you are with what you can.

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  • Handstand Playshop

    Feb 9, 2020

    Date: Sunday February 9th
    Time: 12pm - 2pm
    Cost: $35 (whole weekend of activities discounted to $80)

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    Join Joey Diehl for this playful practice. Learn your strengths and deficiencies in order to keep your practice moving forward...onward and upward!

    Come with little knowledge, and/or if you have an inversion practice already he can help you look for new ways to energize and play.

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  • Yoga Medicine: Essentials Workshop

    Jun 6, 2020 - Jun 7, 2020

    Join us for this special weekend with Yoga Medicine Therapuetic Specialist 

    Valerie Knopik PhD; YM 500hr teacher; YM teacher trainer

    Saturday June 6th & 7th

    Morning Sessions 9:30am-12:30pm Afternoon 2-5pm

    Early Bird Special $225 All 4 Modules (12 CEU's upon completion of your YM quiz) or $65 per module. Pricing thru March 1st, then will increase slightly. Limited spots, hope you can join us!

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    The Essential Workshop is a four-part series comprised of these topics:

    Shoulders (Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm) — The shoulder girdle is a common area of struggle for both the new and the regular practitioner. The shoulder joints are inherently inclined toward mobility, creating the need to cultivate stability when we challenge the joints in weight-bearing poses like chaturanga dandasana. In a lecture, we’ll learn about the shoulder anatomy and a theoretical approach to working with these joints therapeutically before moving into a guided practice that enables you to immediately translate this knowledge into your body.

    Hips (Saturday 2pm-5pm)— This workshop explores the need for equity between stability and mobility in the hip joint. In a yoga practice, hip stability occurs naturally but what each of us needs to maintain balance in this joint can vary greatly from person to person. Through a lecture and guided practice, you’ll look at the structure and function of the hip joint to learn how to individualize for your practice and group classes.

    Spine (Sunday 9:30am - 12:30pm) — The central theme of this workshop is maintaining the integrity of the precious structures in the spine and all that it entails. Learning how to move efficiently with the support of the core, glutes, and legs is key not just in a movement practice but also in the challenges of our lives. Through a combination of theory and practice, you’ll understand how the parts of the spine work together with the core and legs, and learn how to move with solid mechanics that allow you to rewrite your autopilot motions.

    Myofascial Release (Sunday 2pm-5pm) — Understand what myofascial release (MFR) is and how it supplements your yoga practice. We’ll move through a MFR practice that explores the areas we’ve found to be the most beneficial for the legs, hips, shoulders, and back. You will leave with self-care information that you can use right away. This practice is MFR only (no yoga) and is open to everyone, no yoga experience needed.

    Free Meditations Tuesdays at 7:30pm

    Jan 7, 2020 - Feb 25, 2020

    Join Bridget Tuesday nights at 7:30pm for a free guided meditation. When we practice stillness, we are allowing ourselves to truly listen. With a world moving around us at a frantic pace, it can be so important to create harmony and balance through this simple and profound practice. 

    No experience neccessary. Show up anytime after 7:15pm for a 30 minute guided meditation. We typically do (2) 15 minute types to give you variety and options to move if needed. 


    Foundations of Anatomy - Hands, Feet, Core & The Yoga Practice

    Jan 25, 2020
    1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    Foundations of Anatomy: Hands, Feet, Core & The Yoga Practice

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    Explore the foundations of the yoga practice through your hands, feet and core.  The hands, feet and core are the foundational support for every posture as well as the primary support for the legs, hips and shoulders. 

    In this two hour workshop you will learn basic anatomy of the hands, feet and core and the importance of creating an intentional foundation in your yoga postures.  You will discover in your own body how the hands, feet and core stabilize and center your yoga practice through pose break downs and movement. 

    The workshop will include:

    • 60 minute discussion on anatomy, specific pose break downs and palpations of major bones/muscles related to hands, feet and core.
    • 60 minute yoga practice with focus on hands, feet and core within the movements.

    Facilitator: Heidi Fricke
    Cost: $40

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  • Reiki, Restoratove and Oils Class (Pre-registration Required)

    Jan 26, 2020
    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
    oil class

    What is Reiki?  "a technique based on the principle that energy can be channelled into a student by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the  body and restore physical and emotional well-being."


    This class allows students to enjoy the benefits of a yin and/or restorative class, while our featured oil of the month diffuses in the room. After the teacher guides you into a comfortable position, certified level 2 reiki providers will connect with each student to help move energy and find full relaxation.  All levels welcome. 


    Pre-registration for SPY North is required. 

    Party at the Barre! Kelly & DJ Randall Martin Live

    Jan 31, 2020
    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

    Party at the Barre with Kelly and DJ Randall Martin! Kelly will start with Barre basics and then lead you to grooves that make you move as DJ Randall spins you into a whole other world of Barre!.

    The class is open to all levels. Limited space so sign up now to hold a spot!

    40 Days to Personal Revolution

    Feb 4, 2020 - Feb 25, 2020
    7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
    40 day

    40 Days to Personal Revolution

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    Date: Tuesdays February 4th-February25th, 2020
    Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm
    Cost: $65 (includes 4 in-studio sessions & 5 Class Pass)
    Facilitator: Annette Richey

    This program is based on Baron Baptiste's best selling book, 40 Days to Personal Revolution. The program is for anyone who is interested in transforming their body and mind to create a more balanced way of living.  The program is accessible, intentional and will give you effective tools to make healthy choices on a daily basis. 

    This program is a daily combination of physical movement, meditation, mindful eating and personal reflection.  In 40 days you will expand into new possibilities and create positive shifts in your life.  This inspiring program will motivate you to take ownership of what you want in your life and the tools to turn your intention into reality.

    How the program works
    The program is divided into four 60 minute in-studio sessions which include

    • yoga practice
    • meditation
    • conversation
    • journaling 
    • mindful eating and healthy habits

    Items required for Program

    • 40 Days to Personal Revolution book by Baron Baptiste
    • Journal, Pen, Yoga Mat

    Cost of program includes

    • In studio 60 minute session, Tuesdays 7:30-8:30pm
    • 5 Class Pass

    Unplug - Teen Empowerment Program

    Feb 5, 2020 - Feb 26, 2020
    4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    UNPLUG.....pause and reconnect
    Teen Empowerment Program for Grades 7-9th & 10-12th

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    Simply Power Yoga is excited to introduce a new series of 4 week programs for grades 4th-12th.  The program is divided into different age groups to better meet the needs of the youth it will be serving.  The intention of the program is to provide our youth with tools to pause when every day life, school, friends, sports and social media become overwhelming.  Each group will be focusing on how to better recgonize when you either need to Power-Up to stand up for who you are or Unplug to reconnect with who you are. 

    The program is based on 40 Days to Personal Revolution by Baron Baptiste.  Discover what is pulling you away from your life and getting in the way of who you want to become. Over the next 4 weeks make a commitment to unplug, pause and reconnect with yourself and others more authentically. 

    Through the practice of yoga, discussion and mindfulness meditation you will begin to pause as you recognize patterns and habits, then reconnect and move forward into more purposeful behaviors, conversations and relationships. 

    Facilitators: Kelly Ross and Brenda Moore. 
    Investment: $65, includes unlimited yoga for duration of program





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