Virtual Services

How do I purchase and register for a Live-Stream Class?

Purchasing and registering for a Live-Stream class is the same as registering for an in-studio class. If you already have a pass, this pass can be used for live-stream classes.  

  1. Log into MBO with your personal log-in and password.
  2. Go to Class Schedule and Book Virtual Class.
  3. If you already have existing pass, no need to purchase it will draw from your already existing pass.
  4. If you do not have a pass, you will be prompted to purchase a pass before entering the class. 
  5. Once you register and/or purchase a class pass you will receive a confirmation email. Email will also provide further instructions.
  6. For Virtual Classes, a link to enter the class will be sent 30 minutes prior to the start of class to your email address. If you register within 30 minutes of class starting, you will receive a link 2-3 minutes prior to class starting. 
  7. Click the link you received in your email and you will see the name of the class you registered for. From that point, hit the name of the class and then press the green START button. 
  8. The teacher leading the class will take it from there. Enjoy!

Live Stream Classes are mobile friendly and accessible across most browsers.