Virtual Services

Virtual Classes

What are Virtual Classes?

  • Virtual classes are real-time classes taught by our team on a daily basis in your own private space.  The classes will follow a daily schedule so you can be consistent in your practice. 
  • Waivers - All members have to sign a waiver. When you create your account and purchase your pass, you will complete an on-line waiver.

If I am monthly member of a Simply Power Yoga Community will I have access to the Virtual Classes?

  • Yes, all active members of Simply Power Yoga will have access to the Virtual Classes as part of your monthly membership.

If I am a passholder, 10 or 20, will I have access to the Virtual Classes?

  • Yes all pass holders will have access to the Virtual classes through a monthly package at a member rate. 

Can I only choose to be part of the Virtual Yoga Community?

  • Yes, for those yogis who love to practice in their own private space, you can join our community with a Virtual Pass. 

Where can I find the Virtual schedule?

  • Schedule will be located under each locations MBO account. The Virtual classes will be intermixed with the in-studio classes.