Susan Frooman

Susan Frooman

200 RYT

Definition of SPY SPY is a loving community which gives you a foundation of genuin support while you build your inner strength and authentic personal self.  As a community, we carry this authenticity off the mat and into our world not only into our daily lives and relationships, but also through service to others in need.

Favorite Pose  While I love all of the poses that create the Baptiste Vinyasa Flow, Half Moon resonates with me.  Within Half Moon, you build a strong foundation to support you as your breath guides you to grow into your personal freedom of choice to work on balance with steadiness and ease or to create a flow as you move into something bigger than you thought possible.

Yoga has become a perfect blend of my worlds. With a degree in Interior Design and Arts, a love of service and a passionate drive for working out, I have found yoga to bring all of my interests together. Through the years of raising our two daughters, I have always found a creative form of volunteering within their school or extra curricular activities and sports. I would also have various design projects that I was working on while adding a daily workout into my schedule. I have always believed that art is purely an expression of one's self. While trying yoga as a workout, I have discovered that yoga is a flow of expression of self. Along with this enlightenment and with the full encouragement and support of my family, I have become a 200 Hour RYT along with Trauma Sensitive Training and Barre Certification. I am currently working on my 300 Hour Certification and volunteer at the Warren County Juvenile Detention Center. While bringing yoga to the community through teaching ad service, I have found a workout that truly expresses one's inner self and brings growth and healing of the mind, body and spirit more tha any other form of expression that I have ever experienced.