Stephanie Quehl

Stephanie Quehl

200 RYT 
Mother of 3 boys, wife and 5/6th grade teacher

Definiton of Simply Power Yoga 
“To me the definition of Simply Power Yoga is a community of people coming together to practice their yoga where they are encouraged to express themselves freely in a judgement free atmosphere.”

Favorite Pose 
"Triangle Pose: I love the side body stretch and the feeling of openness that I have from the base of my foot to my fingertips.."

"I started my yoga practice 10 years ago. I first started going for the “Work out” but have since learned it is so much more that that. My practice has evolved into not only a source of exercise but connecting my mind, body and spirit.  The breathing techniques calm my mind and i go into to each pose with intention.

I went through the teacher training program last year so that I could teach yoga to my students.  The program not only gave me the tools to teach but guided me through self discovery of my life and the direction that I wanted to go. The program was amazing.  Not only did it teach me the JIP flow but I gained many new friends along the way. I feel a strong sense of family with my SPY colleagues.

I love teaching at the studio.  I like meeting new people but also seeing the same familiar faces showing up week after week and watching them grow."