Sherry Ransier

Sherry Ransier

200 RYT

Define Simply Power Yoga   
"For me Simply Power Yoga is not about “power” but about empowerment. It is an open door to come to my mat without judgments or restrictions, empowering every yogi with the freedom to look within and blossom out."

Favorite Yoga Pose  
"My Favorite Pose  is Fallen Triangle. This pose invites opening in the hips, chest and throat, includes a gentle back bend and allows me to explode to places bigger than my mat."

"Yoga found me in an invigorating power hour that left me a totally sweaty happy mess. I'm not competitive and follow my own path so yoga is a perfect fit to do my own thing my own way. I love that the practice changes and grows with never ending challenges to explore. Yoga gives me focus for my high energy level, a deeper awareness, and connection with a simpler lifestyle. Plus there is the bonus of never having to wear shoes!  As a teacher, my goal is to empower each student at his or her own level and have a little fun in the process."