Robyn Eatmon

Robyn Eatmon

200 RYT
Reiki III Practioner

Definition of Simply Power Yoga 
"SPY to me is community.  It is the space on your mat to explore and develop mind, body, and spirit surrounded by a community supporting your journey."

Favorite Pose 
"Pigeon.  I love the hip opening with pigeon.   When you add the forward fold, I find I crave the stillness it requires to just be where your body wants to be, no more, no less.   To me it is the perfect pose for mind and body!"  

"I have two dogs.   Yup, that is the first thing I will tell you.   And then I will mention, I have a daughter and am a flight attendant. Yoga has completely changed my approach to life.   One of my first yoga instructors would say “Learn how to fall”.   It simple and yet incredibly profound when applied to life or yoga! Yoga has also taught me how to get back up and, even more importantly, grow through the process of falling and getting up.   When I signed up for the teacher training, I was hungry to know more about the one thing that could bring me back to myself,  then the mess of the world melted away.    During training, I realized what an honor it would be to guide students through their own process and space of their practice.  I am thrilled to be a part of SPY’s team."