Nicole Ranttila



I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a practice in Boardman. Having dedicated myself to the practice of psychology early on, it only seemed natural to also find my way into fitness. When we take care of our bodies, we feel connected to our inner selves. I emphasize mindfulness and self-awareness. Each of us has unlimited potential for growth and happiness. Through the practice of self study (Svadhyaya), we can evolve infinitely and enjoy the journey. This journey is what yoga means to me and what I hope to inspire in others. I have been a spinning instructor since 1996. I am also an avid runner and participate in numerous races every year. Running brought me to yoga in 2009 after a few injuries. Recognizing the healing aspects of yoga, I became certified with my 200 hour training in 2013 with Studio Oxygen. In 2015, I earned my 500 hour yoga certification at Guruv Yoga in Florida under Tymi Howard and Steve Ross.