Loretta Fox

Loretta Fox

Definition of Simply Power Yoga 
"To me Simply Power Yoga means a place of calm and growth. It’s where people come together as a community looking for health, connection, and peace."

Favorite Yoga Pose 
"My favorite pose is Warrior II. It’s such a strong, foundational pose. I love the strength and stability I feel in Warrior II."

Loretta grew up in western Pennsylvania and received her master’s degree in educational counseling from Shippensburg University. Following her post graduate studies, Loretta received an active duty commission as an Intelligence officer in the U.S. Army. Loretta served in South Korea as an Intelligence officer, where her team analyzed information gathered from an Aerial Exploitation unit that flew daily missions along the DMZ between North and South Korea. Loretta also served as the Women’s Athletic Director and the head of the Women’s Studies Program for the West Point Preparation School. Following her service in the Army, Loretta was a school counselor, and an academic advisor at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), where she also taught an educational psychology class.

Loretta is an accomplished ultra-marathon runner and nationally ranked triathlete, including completing Ironman Florida and 109 miles in 24 hours at the National 24-Hour Ultra-Marathon race in Cleveland. Loretta has been a track coach and is entering her ninth year as the Milford Junior High Cross-Country coach. During the summer months, Loretta hosts running and fitness camps for youth and teens.

Loretta lives in Loveland with her husband Dennis, and their three beautiful children.