Liz Thornberry

Liz Thornberry

200 RYT 

Define Simply Power Yoga 
"SPY to me is finding freedom & awareness within my body.  The practice brings body awareness & alignment each time I come to my mat.  As a teacher I love to learn about my own alignment through watching other bodies move."

Favorite Yoga Pose  
"My favorite pose is Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) because it requires full body integration & engagement from my core. Once you finally hit that sweet spot you feel so light & free that your know anything is possible."  

As the daughter of a professional strength and conditioning coach, fitness has always been a way of life for Liz.  Liz first was introduced to Pilates six years ago and was instantly hooked.  Liz loved the mind and body connection that Pilates offered and could see results, especially after having twins in 2006.  Liz completed Pilates certification with Power Pilates in April 2011. Liz also completed the Simply Power Yoga Teacher Training Program in March 2012. She loves the strength and sense of community that power yoga brings into her life.  Her goal for her students is for them to come out of class having better posture, increased strength, and feeling a deeper connection to their core.  Liz lives in Loveland with her husband and their three children.