Krista Jackson

Krista Jackson

200 RYT
Licensed Massage Therapist

Simply Power Yoga  To me a place of growth emotionally Physically and mentally. This growth comes in all forms of subtle and soft to powerful and igniting just like the makeup of power yoga.   A place where you are joined by a community that supports you.

Favorite Pose  Crescent Lunge. I love the feeling of full body strength and balance that it gives from the grounding of the feet to the lengthening to the sky with the arms.

"I have been practicing massage for over 10 years, throughout that time my love for what I do has grown even more. I enjoy working with people to address certain aliments over time. As well as the individual that needs to “Just relax” To me there is no greater comment that What I do makes a difference in one’s life.

Being a part of the SPY community was meant to be in my life!  While visiting Cincinnati for my best friend’s wedding. I decided to take a yoga class to help clear my mind and stretch from the long drive. Not familiar with any of the studios or power yoga, I decided on a class at SPY. I instantly loved the flow and the heat.  When it was time to move back to Ohio, I decided to build on the next chapter of my life and go through Yoga Teacher Training. Through my training and new found yoga practice, has taught me to honor and be open with those around me and for myself.  Also, most importantly To Breathe!"