Kim Fogel


Teacher Credentials:


200 RYT; Certified in Yin/Restorative:  20 Hour Yin Yoga Training with Paul Grilley; 8 Hour Yin Yoga Training with Bernie Clark; 30 Hour Restorative Yoga Training with Jillian Pransky


Favorite Pose:


Headstand (Shirshasana) is my favorite pose and is very close to my heart!  This pose was difficult for me to master due to a devastating horseback riding accident I experienced while training a horse.  I suffered a broken neck, severe spinal compression, and whiplash.  I lost all muscle mass and became a shell of myself.  It was difficult for me to do anything physical let alone move my body into a headstand! It was a long journey to build up my body, core strength and courage to move into this full body integration pose. 




My yoga journey began soon after a friend recommended that I join a yoga class to continue the physical strengthening of my body after the accident.  I credit yoga for all of the improvement in my physical, mental, and especially spiritual strength.  There were many moments when I felt I would never ride again.  But every time I arrived on my mat and practiced my asanas, I became stronger, more confident, focused, self-assured. 


I am inspired to share my yoga story with others who have experienced trauma in their lives.  I would like to help them develop a greater sense of mind-body connection, to ease their physiological experiences of trauma, to gain a greater sense of ownership over their bodies, and to augment their overall well-being.  I genuinely believe that we are all “perfectly imperfect.”


I am currently an Operations Manager for an investment firm for over 23 years.  I hold a Series 7 and Series 63 securities license.  I graduated from Penn State University and St. Francis University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration Management Finance. 


I am married 28 years to my husband Bill, and we have two sons, Nathan and Adam.  We currently reside near Glendale Lake with our dog, Gracie and horse, Babe Magnet.