Kenzi Davis


Teaching Credentials 

200 RYT


Favorite Pose 

My favorite pose is Wild Thing. I previously struggled with other heart opening poses in my practice throughout the years, but then I found Wild Thing. I remember the first time I fell from a plank pose into Wild Thing; the feeling of my chest lifting high to the sky and my heart opening brought both a physical and emotional release. Wild Thing helped me learn to trust myself in challenging poses, as well as to trust the process of this practice.



I’m Kenzi. I have been married for 8 years to my husband, Bud. We are blessed with 2 daughters, Alyza and Willow; we also have 3 dogs (Duke, Sage, Shelia) and many chickens that complete our family. In addition to teaching yoga, I am a Registered Nurse who has served our community for the last 10 years. My yoga journey began 6 years ago after having my first daughter. I found myself struggling to navigate between being a new mom on top of the normal ups and downs of life; that was until I found yoga. I practiced intermittently for about 3 years, primarily at home while using online videos. However, in 2020, I was introduced to the SPY Community. I had never practiced in a studio with other yogis and was nervous, but from the minute I stepped foot into the SPY Altoona Studio I knew I was right where I belonged. As a result, I went on to complete the first SPY Altoona 200 RYT training, which was life changing for me in so many ways. Since joining the SPY Community I have been filled with so much gratitude and excitement for all of the possibilities to come.