Kelsey Havlin


Teaching Credentials:


200 RYT


Favorite Pose:


Threading the Needle is my favorite pose. It really opens up the back of my shoulders, neck, and upper back area. This is where I carry most of my stress.  I can feel the tension release between my shoulder blades with this simple pose. One of my favorite benefits of doing yoga is the pain relief it can provide.




I began my first practice around the time I was a senior in High school. I loved going for the workout I got. It gave me a challenge and also a place to gain some headspace. After going to multiple classes, I started to see the change in myself. I was getting stronger and more flexible. I felt great when I left class. It wasn’t until recently when I discovered the meditative and breath work that is also involved. Yoga is such a broad term that can often be misinterpreted. If there is one thing I hope to teach to others, it’s to see and feel that yoga is so much more than just stretching and bending. There truly is a yoga practice for anyone.