Kelly Ross

Kelly Ross

500 RYT 
Teen Development and Empowerment Leader
Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certified

Define Simply Power Yoga 
" Simply Power Yoga means so much on so many different levels, but for me, Simply Power Yoga is empowerment and possibility through the mind, body and spirit."

Favorite Yoga Pose 
"Chosing a favorite pose is difficult as there are so many poses that resonate with me, but I if I had to pick one it is Balasana, or Child’s Pose.  This is where it all begins- letting go of what may be dancing around in my mind, connecting to my breath and my body in a place a stillness preparing to face what lies ahead.  It is also a place to return to reset, recommit and renew."

"After dealing with injuries from many years of running, I was looking for something new.  A friend encouraged me to try yoga, and for a year I declined thinking in the back of my mind that I am not the ‘type’ to sit around and ‘om’ all day.  Something brought me to try a class one day and I was shocked that yoga was actually a great workout!  I kept coming back for the physicality of the practice, and then it started to ease my mind and touch my soul.  Feeling stronger, more flexible, calmer and overall more balanced, I knew that this was the path for me.  I enrolled in the program to become a teacher in hopes to grow my practice as well as inspire others the way my teachers continually inspire me.  I will welcome you to my class with an open heart in hopes that you too find a motivating workout and a place to ease your mind.  Namaste."