Katie Stapelfeld


Teaching Credentials
200 RYT 

Favorite Pose 
My favorite yoga pose is Chaturanga Dandasana (or Four-Limbed Staff pose) because it requires you to use the strength of your whole body while maintaining a calm, focused breath. It is a foundational pose that can be used to advance your arm balance poses and yoga practice in general.

I began my yoga journey over 12 years ago after graduating from Duquesne School of Law and accepting a corporate attorney position in Annapolis, Maryland. Yoga, as well as running, became an outlet to build strength both emotionally and physically while helping to create an even work/life balance. The physical and mental benefits of yoga encouraged me to pursue my 200 hour RYT at Wellness in Motion in State College, PA, in 2018.  I continue to practice law full-time and teach yoga part-time while finding time to enjoy life with my husband, step-children, and two Australian Shepherds.