Karen Nally


200 RYT

Definition of Simply Power Yoga "For me, the definition of Simply Power Yoga is a community holding space for each student to develop a nurturing, positive relationship with their unique body through the practice of yoga. A studio where everyone can show up each day exactly as they are and thrive as their true authentic selves on and off the mat."  

Favorite Yoga Pose "I love ragdoll because it is so calming for me to surrender into the fold and connect with my breath. I use my time in ragdoll to notice what is going on in my body and set the intention for my practice."

About Karen "I have always loved being active through sports and fitness, but the practice of yoga integrates body AND mind in ways I have not experienced in other disciplines.  The benefits are so much greater than just a strong body and I truly cherish every moment spent on my mat.  As a teacher I am so grateful for the opportunity to help others explore their own mind/body connection through the practice of yoga."