Brenda Moore

Brenda Moore

Definition of Simply Power Yoga 
"Simply Power Yoga is the place I go to roll out my mat and be honest with myself. I have visited many yoga studios and there is something special about the SPY community. Everyone belongs, regardless of what you wear, what mat you have or what pose you are able to do that day. You are empowered to make each practice your own so you honor your body and take what you need, recognizing that every day is different and there's no right or wrong."

Favorite yoga pose 
"My favorite yoga pose is Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon) because I have to soften and let go and breathe into the present moment. Any time I can get lost in my breath, my mind receives the much needed gift of rest.”

"My yoga journey began in 2014 as a way to reward my body for how I was treating it during the week. I was hooked after my first Yin/Restorative class at SPY and since then, my practice continues to teach me so much, both on and off my mat - how to begin again, how to understand and appreciate where I currently am so I can focus on doing my best every day; how to pause and return to my breath, how to observe without judging or reacting; how to be present, hold space and truly listen; how to be patient and flexible with questions when answers aren’t yet available.

I believe yoga is for everybody and every body. I love helping others create the space to be sweet to themselves, connect with their breath and find stillness."