Barb Kiley

barb kiley

200 RYT 

Definition of SPY I have practiced yoga and taken exercise classes various places for many years, and initially SPY was simply a studio that offered awesome yoga with excellent instructors.  Now, however, SPY is so much more to’s special!!!.It is community, growth, relationships, education, physical and mental well-being, and fun!!! Surrounded by genuine, caring, quality people, I feel so “at home” at SPY. Heidi has really built something beautiful!!

Favorite Pose Half Moon is one of my favorite poses because it combines balance, strength and opening while offering space for exploration and creativity.

I have been exercising and interested in healthy eating and living since graduating from Miami U many, many years ago.  Running was my first passion and my stress relief as I worked at Xerox in sales for 13 years, but I’ve always enjoyed weight training and fitness classes as well.  When my second child was born I retired from the work world and completely embraced my role as wife and mother. With 2 daughters, a son, and bonus daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter (in Florida), I stayed busy at home, volunteering at schools and running around the city for kids’ sports and activities.  I started doing more yoga at SPY when my youngest daughter became an instructor here in 2016.  I grew to love yoga for the fitness benefits, and decided to get my 200 hr RYT certification when my baby girl went off to college.  The training at SPY opened my eyes and heart and I developed a deep love for yoga, realizing that it offers much more than just fitness!! Regardless of what class I take at, barre, power sculpt, pilates.I always feel refreshed, empowered and all around better.  SPY is definitely one of the many blessings in my life!!