Anita Kozeska


Teaching Credentials
200 RYT at SPY, Loveland, Ohio
300 RYT currently undergoing at SPY, Loveland, OH

Favorite Pose 
My favorite pose is Half Moon. Every principle of Yoga is expressed during its application. I can focus on balance, stability, strength, and openness. Furthermore, it allows me to challenge myself and find an edge during practice. My focused gaze, drishti, towards the sky shows me that possibilities are endless.

I moved to the United States as an exchange student from Macedonia at age of 16. I came alone and faced many challenges living in Idaho and Texas. Ultimately, and with much stress, I graduated from University of Mary Hardin Baylor with high honors. I currently live in Hollidaysburg with my amazing daughter Eva and husband, George, of 15 years. My yoga practice started innocently at a local gym in New Jersey preceding my wedding in 2004. My trainer encouraged me to try a power yoga class. Almost immediately, I began to feel better, stronger, happier, and full of energy. I became intrigued with the possibilities yoga offers for physical and mental growth. There were many times I had to practice at home, due to having a child and other responsibilities. Then in 2018, I was introduced to the world of Baptiste yoga and to SPY. In June 2019, I completed my 200 hours certification and currently undergoing 300 hours certification at SPY in Loveland, OH.

If yoga helped me to become stronger physically and mentally, it can help anyone. It teaches us to focus on the moment, and not dwell on the past. Because yoga can be as challenging as you want, it helps with patience and perseverance. Your confidence improves, as well as your ability to relax. You learn to discard your stress, and become filled with peace. Most importantly, my yoga practice helps me improve my emotional well-being and health. These precious skills inspire me to care for my family and friends in all life circumstances. As Baron Baptiste says, “it’s the ultimate excavation tool for the soul”.

I’m very excited and open to share my life experience and yoga journey with our community.