Jackie Aucoin

Definition of SPY "Simply Power Yoga was a community that I did not know I needed in my life until I joined. It is a place of positivity, support, and comfort. I can focus on myself while still feeling like I am flowing with others. Most importantly, I can be myself free of judgment."

Favorite Pose "My favorite pose is savasana. Yes, everyone loves this pose, but for me it is also a pose in which I struggle. Not only is it difficult for me to sit still, but my mind is constantly running asking myself what I need to do next. It is a true practice for me to give myself 2-3 minutes to just be and relax."

"My profession as a mental health therapist brought me to the teacher training; my placement in a juvenile detention center encouraged me to participate in the training in order to bring yoga to the youth within the facility. I was skeptical about the training based on my preconceived idea of what yoga was. What I came to find out is that each individual defines yoga for themselves, getting what they need from it as long as they open themselves up to the possibility. I opened myself up and have fallen in love with the practice and especially the teaching.  In my profession, most people want to change but often get stuck in why they can’t make positive changes; when I teach a class, I get to witness people making those positive changes. It is an amazing experience, and I am honored to be apart of it.

Personally, I am a mother of three young children, 2 boys and a baby girl. I found out I was pregnant with my third halfway through my teacher training. SPY helped me stay healthy and strong throughout the pregnancy while providing emotional support and encouragement, teachers and clients alike. It was heartwarming to have so many people wish us well. It was a truly unique experience to go through teacher training while pregnant, but it seems to have been meant to be. It reminded me the importance of taking care of yourself so you can take care of others. The SPY community continues to remind and encourage me to take time for myself in order to be a better mom, wife, person."


200 RYT

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