Rachel Wilson

200 & 300 RYT Simply Power Yoga Teacher Training
Trauma Sensitive Certified

When I practice yoga, the outside world begins to fade away and I am left feeling more whole, content and beautiful. I feel an inner peace while I’m moving my body on my mat and it’s easier to exude this peace when I leave the studio and resume my daily life.
When I teach yoga I hope to inspire some similar qualities through breath, movement and stillness. I love the idea of our lives and our practice being a constant balancing act of effort to ease. As a result, the classes I teach require a certain amount of determination and challenge, balanced with mindfulness and softness.
While my favorite pose changes often, it is usually a reflection of my changing daily routine. If one day I feel flighty or mindless, I enjoy grounded poses. When I spend time hunched over from chores, I prefer heart openers. If I’m feeling un-inspired or lack of creativity, I enjoy going upside down.
The SPY community is an absolute family to me. I consider the students and teachers members of a common tribe that I love and value dearly.


500 RYT

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