Elisa Fricke

200 RYT Simply Power Yoga Teacher Training

Definition of Simply Power Yoga "When simply power yoga comes to mind I think of a second home or a second family. The people and program at SPY have not only introduced me to a new found confidence but also an amazing group of people that have taught me to learn and grow in so many awesome ways."

Favorite Yoga Pose "My favorite pose is Warrior 2 because it's such a simple pose and there is so much power found with in it."

"If I had to pick one of the most life changing things I had ever done this program would be at the top of my list. As a teacher, I want to empower others and give others confidence through something as simple as a few poses on a mat. This practice has given me the tools to empower myself and others. I love sharing this practice with others....she believed she could, so she did."


200 RYT

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