Hemansu Ranpuria

Imagine this……Perfect concentration on whatever task you put your mind to. More energy then you need, and all the energy you want. A permanent smile on your face no matter what life throws at you. Living with a healthy carbon footprint. Looking years younger then your age. Resistance against every known and unknown illness. Being able to sit still for hours at a time. Infinite thinking time to plan your karma…..

Well, actually yoga does not give me any of these. But it does point me in the right direction. It is the perfect balance for the stresses and the self-imposed physical demands I choose to add to my life. I got hooked on yoga after seeing an on-stage demonstration by two of my teachers (Shashank Lakhia and Sarwani Prasad) in 2003. I showed up for class and the very next day expecting somebody to teach me how to touch my toes and do handstands. Suffice to say that these expectations were not met, but I started to learn how to breathe. After attending a couple of hundred classes, I was finally talked into signing up for teacher training in 2009. The goal was to improve my understanding of yoga and accelerate my personal practice. Teaching was not on the agenda but quickly became a passion and a very important component of my yoga journey.”


200 RYT

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