Anna Ross

Anna Ross

200 RYT Simply Power Yoga Teacher Training

Defintion of Simply Power Yoga 
"What come to mind when I think of Simply Power Yoga is safe haven. It is a place to find calm in the midst of all the chaos life throws at you. It is a judgement free environment where I feel comfortable being myself in a search to find balance on an doff my mat. Simply Power Yoga has an encouraging atmosphere that empowers me to push myself both physically and mentally."

Favorite Yoga Pose 
"My favorite yoga pose would hae to be fire log, also known as double pigeon. It is such a simply pose but a great place to find stillness, reconnect with your breath and listen to your body. You can feel the opening happen in your body if you remain patient even though it is uncomfortable at first."

Anna's bio
"A year agao if someone would have asked me what waas one of the most influential things in my life, I would have answered horses. While this is still true I would also say that yoga has influenced my life in countless positive ways as well. Through the physical practice and the people at SPY I was able to become a better, empowered version of myself. I now know that what I have to say is worth hearing and I cannot wait to share my voice with others."