"I am.."

Posted on: March 16, 2017

You have the power every day to create yourself with two simple words, “I am”.  The statement “I am” is a declaration of who you are and who you know you can be. "I am" is determined by your beliefs about yourself. Your thoughts become your attitude, your attitude becomes your words, your words become your actions and your actions become the way you live your life.  This simple phrase has a lot of significance in how you move forward.  Your "I am" statement sets the focus and foundation of how you view yourself and how others will respond to you.  I have done a lot of personal work around my “I am” statement and have discovered many things.

First, I learned it was very difficult for me to say positive things about myself.  It was much easier for me to take myself below the line or fail myself before I even tried.  Secondly, I discovered that my “I am” statement always started from a place of not being good enough.  Even when I was succeeding or making a difference I still found a way to minimize myself.  My “I am” statements were draining my energy and not allowing me to step into my full potential. I also started to listen to how other people spoke about themselves and how it was impacting their lives. Their “I am” statements were disempowering verses empowering.  Finally, I realized if you wake up every day saying "I am unworthy or I am afraid", you will live your life this way. You will be afraid to do new things and never feel you are worthy enough to try something new.

From this work, I uncovered something so simple. I have always been enough; I just chose not to believe it.  The root of “I am”  has to start with you are enough. From that place you will become strong, confident, deserving, worthy and so much more.  If you wake up every day saying "I am enough” you will start to believe in who you are and not be hesitant in what you want.  You have the power to declare who you are.  It is time for you to believe “ I AM ENOUGH”. 

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