Teacher Training


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Facilitator: Dennis Fox and Kelly Ross
Location: SPY North
Date: 2021 TBA
Time: Saturday 12:30-5:30; Sunday 12:30-5:30pm 
Cost: $125
CEUs: 10

Meditation & Pranayama will combine both practices throughout the weekend with each practice enhancing the exploration of the other practice. Meditation will explore different techniques to find focus and presence. Techniques will include guided mediation, breath-focused mediation, silent mediation, and a walking meditation. Our exploration of mediation will include breathing techniques from the pranayama program.

Pranayama will cover breathing anatomy and physiology, breathing practices and techniques, a breath-focused restorative practice, and a breath-focused exploration through movement of a teacher-led yoga practice. The promise of this weekend is teachers will have experience leading meditation practices and will have the knowledge to lead students in a breath-focused yoga practice.