Why SPY...Brenda Moore

Posted on: March 18, 2016

"In 2015 I was introduced to yoga as a way to reward my mind and body for the way I treat it the rest of the week. I found SPY through a referral. After trying the Yin/Restorative class and leaving free of the hip and back pain I went in with, I was hooked.  I have visited several studios and there is something unique and different about SPY. Neither the instructors or students are pretentious or judgmental. Everyone belongs, regardless of what you wear, what your mat looks like or what your body can do that day and “your yoga practice” is always emphasized. There aren’t any mirrors or windows in the studio and the energy is always positive. They also have showers available. I realized when I don’t feel like going to class are the times when I need to be on my mat the most and when I leave, I have a sense of balance – both physically and mentally. The physical intensity gives me no choice but to draw my attention inward and in that present moment, my mind experience a much needed gift of rest. "

NORTH (LOVELAND): 513.583.1700