Classes are inspired by the powerful and classical sequence Journey Into Power of Baptiste Yoga. Different levels of classes are available so each student can discover the practice that works best for them.  

If you are new to yoga, suggestions for class progession:

  1. Yoga 101 Flow (Yoga for Beginners), Restoration Flow,  Yin and Restorative Yoga
  2. Slow Flow, Grounded Flow
  3. Power Flow 45, Power Flow 60, Vinyasa Flow
  4. Power Flow 75 or Power Play

Classes will range from 45-75 minutes. 

SPY has implemented a state of the art heating system.  

  • Hot Studio:  100 degrees with 50% humidity
  • Flow Studio:
    Nonheated classes -  between 70-75 degress, no humidity
    Warm classes - between 80-84 degrees, no humidity

The cork flooring allows for a more balanced and comfortable practice.

Men and women showers available.

Yoga 101 Flow - Yoga for Beginners

Beginner Level -  Yoga 101 Flow is a 60 minute class designed to keep it simple and empowering. The focus of these classes is on building a framework for your yoga practice that includes constant, focused breathing and strong, safe poses with proper alignment. Whether you’re truly a beginner or a seasoned yogi looking for a fresh start, this class will challenge and inspire you. Temperatures are warm.

Power Flow 45, 60 & 75 minutes

ALL LEVELS:   This is the high energy, powerful SPY class focusing on alignment and personal awareness of the breath.  The flow moves at a moderate pace and is athletic.    

You build strength while gaining flexibility.  Get ready to move and sweat! Both Heated and Non-heated Classes

Grounded Flow

All Levels. This class focuses on the foundation of every pose.  The simple and powerful sequence is designed to ground the students into their hands, feet and core. The class is great for runners, cyclist and anyone who is trying to release stuck muscles. Experience deep breathing for personal awareness and less stress.  Heated Room

Power Play

All Levels - The flow is simple yet powerful allowing space for you to try new things.  Get ready to play in your practice and learn the foundations of basic inversions, arm balances and backbends. 

Vinyasa Flow

Beginners to All Levels.  Vinyasa flow moves your body through a variety of poses at a moderate pace.  Through the use of the breath you will move your body and calm your mind. The fluid movements help increase flexibility, strength, and endurance while calming the mind.  Temperatures are comfortable to keep the body open and relaxed. 

Restoration Flow

All Levels NON-Heated: Therapeutic yoga classes with Restorative poses, getting into those areas the athletes in all of us need stretched out.  All the poses performed are suitable for all fitness levels.  The key muscle groups we like to challenge are shoulders, hips and hamstrings, but we touch a bit of everything else in between. Think "Active Rest Days".  This class is a perfect compliment to your race training of any kind.

NORTH (LOVELAND): 513.583.1700