Body Works


Body Work Services are available at SPY North seven days a week. A private body work room has been designed just for you.  Body work is therapeutic methods that center on the body for the promotion of physical health and emotional and spiritual well-being, including massage, various systems of touch and manipulation, relaxation techniques, and practices designed to affect the body'senergy flow.


All massages will be customized to fit the needs of the individual. 

  • Duration: 30-90 minutes in length. 
  • Price: $1/minute; $30-$90
  • Aromatherapy and/or Reiki Healing is an additional $10/massage. 


What is Reiki? Reiki stabilizes a person’s natural energy fields, bringing our body into a state of calm and reduced stress that supports the natural healing processes of our physical bodies. For most people, this is accomplished through a facilitator, or Reiki Practitioner.

Meaning of Reiki. The literal translation of Reiki is Japanese in origin and means “spiritual energy”; Rei meaning “spiritual” of “life”, and Ki meaning “energy” of “force”. Simplified, it is “personal energy”.

Healing as Prevention. In our modern civilization, healing is a response to an illness; a reaction. In pre-modern civilization, healing was proactive, not reactive. Left undisturbed by outside influences and stressors, our bodies and the systems within are amazing “healers”. Reiki brings awareness to your “personal energy”. It starts with the energy field you radiate. If every individual radiates an energy beyond their physical body, then can someone else’s energy influence your energy? Absolutely! Think of a time when you sat with someone and for no identifiable reason, you began to feel calmer.

The Practice of Reiki. Reiki stabilizes a person’s natural energy, through proximity with the practitioner or through their light touch. This energy sharing reduces the stressors in the client’s body, thus reducing blockages, and increasing the flow and efficiency of the body’s natural electrical and chemical processes, setting the conditions for natural healing; whether it’s responding to a current condition, or preventing a future condition.

A Typical Reiki Session. A Reiki Session is experienced wearing comfortable clothing. Following a brief discussion regarding the interest in the visit and expectations, the session is normally conducted lying on your back on a table. The practitioner will move around the outside of the client, either hovering their hands near the client’s body, or providing a light touch to the extremities, shoulders, head, and neck regions; or a combination of both. People’s responses to Reiki will vary. Common responses are feeling nothing, feeling refreshed, improved sleep, improved mobility, or maybe reduced pain.

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Price: Contact Body Work Specialist for pricing

Chakra Balancing
There are seven main chakras within the body that are said to be the core energy centers.  It is a hidden field of energy that carries your urges, emotions and habits as well as the imprints of all that has happened. Chakras are centers of organization for your emotions. The seven main chakras are aligned in a column that begin at the base of your spine and extends to the top of your head. The locations of each chakra correspond to the seven major nervous systems.  When Chakras are out of balance the emotional body and physical body are not aligned, a person physical and emotional wellness is at stake. 

Chakra balance will begin with an assessment of each individuals chakras and identify which chakras are out of balance. Through the use of essential oils, sounds, meditations and healing stones the emotional and physical body will align itself naturally creating peace within the mind, body, spirit. 

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Price: $45

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