The Story of Simply Power Yoga 

Mission of Simply Power Yoga  -  Ordinary People doing extraordinary things to make a difference in this world.

In 2010 Simply Power Yoga opened and life has never been the same. The intention of Simply Power Yoga was to create a space that was accessible for everyone to experience the powerful world of physical movement and mindfulness.  SPY is a space to have fun, laugh, discover and develop new relationships with others and with yourself. 

Through the years, Simply Power Yoga has remained constant even in challenging moments. SPY's foundation was built on creating community both on and off the mat. Through this process, many people have come through the studio doors and through each of you the studio has evolved.  The lessons learned have been priceless and each experience continues to move the community forward.  

Since 2010, Simply Power Yoga continues to expand. There are two locations, SPY Central owned by  Bridget Henson and SPY North owned by myself. Each location is similar yet unique, embodying the personality of the community it serves. The studios continue to unfold into new areas of wellness that keep in alignment with the overall vision, "wholeness of mind, body and spirit".  The classes and service offerings are constantly growing to better serve everyone and every body.  Within the community of Simply Power Yoga,  power is not about how physically strong you are or the advanced practice.  At Simply Power Yoga, power is defined as the ability to change things through conscious breathing and deliberate movement which is meeting yourself where you are at as a moment by moment experience. 

The teachers at Simply Power Yoga are ordinary people who are committed to making extraordinary things happpen in the community.  They are committed to the growth of the community and to their own personal growth to be the best possible teacher/leader for every person who walks through the door.   

The story of Simply Power Yoga is about each of you.  Thank you for supporting the vision of SPY.


Founder of Simply Power Yoga

NORTH (LOVELAND): 513.583.1700