Yoga for Runners/Walkers - 6 Week Program at North

Date: Sunday March 25th- Sunday April 29th
Time: 4:30-5:15pm
Facilitator: Emma Bracey

Whether you are new to yoga or have practiced for years this focused, 45 minute class will show you how simple yoga techniques can be incorporated into your existing running program to help:

• prevent injury

• improve performance

• develop body awareness

• balance flexibility and strength

• improve concentration

• increase energy

Each week the class will focus on a specific need, such as strengthen and lengthen the hamstrings, strengthen and increase the mobility of the hip joint, eliminate lower back and upper-body discomfort, speed the recovery process, maintain a strong core or simply restore and rejuvenate to prepare for an upcoming event. After a few weeks you will feel stronger, more balanced, more in tune with your breathing, and more aware of your posture and technique.

Week 1: Hips
Week 2: Hamstrings
Week 3: Back
Week 4: Knees
Week 5: Upper Body
Week 6: Race Day & Restore



NORTH (LOVELAND): 513.583.1700